About Us

Our background and history is outlined as follows :

15 years ago Brian recognised the requirement for the correct handling and treatment of Clinical waste by Healthcare Professionals in Ireland. He was engaged as a consultant to achieve full planning and an EPA licence for the first treatment facility of risk waste in Ireland. The site was established for handling and treatment of clinical waste streams under the All-Ireland contract for acute hospitals. This facility is currently under ownership of SRCL Group.

In the late 1990’s Brian setup his own medical waste service company in Dublin called Healthcare Waste Management Services. Over a 6 year period he grew the company to become one of the leading Clinical Waste Management Services companies in Ireland. The company grew a reputation very quickly for delivering a customer focused, reliable, cost effective, compliant and professional service. The company had a staff of 20 people, who were some of the best in the industry. Clinical Waste Awareness Training was a mandatory requirement for all staff members as Brian insisted that any member of staff could deal effectively and efficiently with all customer queries. This strategy ensured the highest level of customer service in full compliance with all National and EU Legislation for all customers.

The company success earned Brian enormous respect and recognition in the industry for helping shape the Clinical Waste Management Service delivery in Ireland.

Healthcare Waste Management was acquired by Initial Medical Services (part of the Rentokil-Initial Plc. world business to business group in 2007) and Brian was retained as General Manager, for Initial Medical Services in Ireland.

As part of his role with Initial Medical Services, Brian was recognoised by the company as an expert in Clinical Waste Management. He worked closely with Country Managers in Europe as Lead Project Manager. in respect of best practice , compliance and quality systems in a number of EU countries. Including waste transfer stations for dental waste recovery in Spain , compliance with ADR and best practice . We also managed implementation of ISO 18001 ,for a medical waste management company in the UK and The Netherlands .

As a consultant, Brian Rogers managed site planning, EPA licence approval to establish first alternative treatment facility in England for clinical waste. This facility is now under ownership of SRCL Group, the world leading medical waste company.

In addition to the projects above , Brian Rogers has provided training in clinical waste awareness to personnel in private hospitals , care homes , dental clinics and laboratory locations.

Rogers Consultants are members of industry organisations involved in medical waste, in Ireland , UK and Europe.