Rogers Consultants Services


All producers of healthcare risk waste (clinical waste) must be aware of their obligations under waste management and health and safety regulations. Rogers consultants can provide advice and best practice protocols in respect of such obligations.

 Waste Stream Audits

We carry out independent appraisals/ audits of the risk waste streams being produced on the location to ensure correct segregation, packaging, storage and appropriate disposal options.


Rogers Consultants can identify staff training requirements for on site management of clinical waste  and possible financial savings following review of disposal arrangements for the various streams of clinical waste .

Risk Assessments

Rogers Consultants can also provide support with risk assessments as may be required following inspections by the Health and Safety Authority under the ADR European Agreement as to the Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road ( ADR ).

Producers of healthcare risk wastes (clinical wastes) who use off site disposal as provided by registered contractors, may require advice and review of waste collection permits and waste disposal licences from the Environmental Protection Agency. Rogers Consultants can provide independent advice to producers of waste to help ensure that they meet their legal commitments and also identify cost saving opportunities.

Other Services

Pre-audit assessments in respect of ISO or other Quality Systems where risk waste management is part of such system.

Clinical Waste awareness training for staff, to include segregation, packaging, storage, regulations, records and best practice protocols.

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